About us

All American International Group Inc. (AAIG) - We have been engaged in Int'l Student Exchange Program since 1983. It is a program for students from all over the world, like Europe, Australia, America and Asia, to conduct cultural exchange in the United State. We have been in China for 16 years. Since 2006, we have successively cooperated with many schools, such as Zhengzhou Foreign Language School, Zhengzhou Fengyang Foreign Language School, Zhengzhou No.4 Middle School, Zhengzhou No.7 Middle School, Zhengzhou No.11 Middle School, Zhengzhou No.47 Middle School, Henan Experimental High School, Pingdingshan No.1 Middle School, Xinxiang No.1 Middle School, Luohe Senior High School, The Attached High School of Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology and Luoyang Dongfang Senior High School, etc. Every year there are hundreds of teachers and students participating in the summer (winter) camp and they enjoy themselves very much.

We are vying to create a new international brand to provide a comprehensive experience platform for schools and parents who are aspiring to cultivate the students into international talents with broaden vision. We will arrange rich learning items and activities for the students when they are in the United States. The host family is very friendly. They will provide the students comfortable living environment and considerate care, making the students feel relaxed and happy as if in their own homes. The host family is responsible for sending and picking up the students to and from school as well as their accommodation. English ELS courses are combined with exchanges and the students will spend the weekend with the host family.

The fourteen-day travel group is mainly to experience the host family and visit the American universities on the East and West coasts. And the twenty-day travel group will also stay in the American universities, interacting with American college students and experiencing actual American college life. We will thoughtfully arrange to visit famous universities and attractions. A travel group includes about 40 students, and we arrange an independent bus and an English-Chinese tour guide.  Every 13 students are led by a head teacher or English teacher to safeguard in the whole process. Besides, we provide a large-amount international emergency insurance for each teacher and student. It will be a meaningful learning trip for the student in their holiday.

The study tour abroad not only enrich the students' life experience, and cultivate the diversified view, but also build up the children's ability to survive and to think independently. Also, It is a survey of overseas numerous colleges and universities, called "the study abroad outpost" for their children by many parents. It paves the way for the study abroad in the future by visiting the universities and experiencing the local culture personally.

HN ProCom Foreign Service Center is belong to AAIGwhich wan founded in 2013, HN ProCom is fully functional in English, Chinese, and offers the fastest, easiest, most effective and cost-efficient methods for employers to find quality expat candidates, and for expat job seekers to find jobs in China.