Seattle Central College

Seattle Central College

Chosen by nearly 16,000 students each year, Seattle Central College offers a comprehensive range of educational programs and opportunities in academic transfer, career preparation, basic studies, and continuing education in an urban environment.

Effective programs

Our breadth of programs – including three bachelor's degrees, 29 associate degrees and 16 professional certificates in 26 programs of study – prepare students for an equally diverse range of pursuits. Nearly half of our students are enrolled in academic programs that offer Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees and prepare them for transfer to four–year colleges or universities. To build successful careers, about a third of our students pursue career training programs to learn marketable skills in fields such as healthcare, information technology, business, culinary arts, maritime, social and human services and more. We also serve students with courses in basic studies, continuing education and other programs.

Teaching and learning excellence

The true strength of our college is our extraordinary teaching and learning environment. We are recognized nationally for our dedicated and accomplished faculty, who work hard to help our students succeed. This is evident in the large number of our students who transfer to the University of Washington each year. Our students also achieve in a variety of endeavors: many run well–established businesses, are renowned in the arts and music, and have become leaders in their communities.

Serving our community

What began as Seattle's first community college on the outskirts of downtown in 1966 has grown into a thriving center for higher education in the heart of the city. For nearly 50 years, we have been committed to providing accessible higher education for residents of Seattle and surrounding areas. We educate our students to fill jobs in a variety of fields that in turn support our dynamic and growing community. Although our home is the vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, we are global in perspective, with a thriving international program – the sixth largest in the country among community or technical colleges – that hosts more than 2,000 students from around the world.

Diversity in action

As one of the most diverse higher education institutions in Washington state, we take pride in the remarkable diversity of our students, who help to make Seattle Central a true reflection of the community we serve. We draw individuals from all walks of life seeking education to better their lives, representing a multitude of ages, races and ethnicities. Our students' backgrounds are also quite diverse: from high school students and recent grads just starting out, to mid–career professionals looking to add new skills, many of whom have work and family responsibilities.