Salina Area Technical College

The Salina Area Chamber of Commerce was organized in 1911.  It is a not-for-profit state voluntary chartered organization of business, industry, professional men and women and individuals working together to build a healthy economy and improve the quality of life. More than 1,200 firms, representing about 1,450 members, make up the Chamber's membership.

The Chamber's primary role is economic development --- the creation of new jobs and payrolls in the community.  In addition, the Chamber works in many other areas to be sure there is total community development and opportunities for individual growth and fulfillment.

Simply stated, the Chamber is business, professional, and individual people working together to make the Salina community a better place to live and work.

The Chamber is run by its members. They elect a 16-member Board of Directors that develop policies and sets goals. The board employs a Chief Executive Officer, who in-turn hires a professional staff to handle the day-to-day operation.

The Chamber is organized into five divisions. Each division is comprised of several task forces, manned voluntarily by Chamber members. The divisions are: Internal Affairs, Economic Development, Agriculture, Community Development, and Visit Salina.

Some of the major activities include:

  • Attracting new investments, jobs and payrolls.
  • Expanding the primary employment base through the growth of new and existing businesses and industries.
  • Providing opportunities for labor force training and assessment.
  • Supporting efforts to enhance educational opportunities.
  • Promoting Salina as a regional center for retail trade, health care, recreation, entertainment and culture.
  • Developing Salina as a destination for conventions, sporting events and tourist.
The variety and scope of activities of the Chamber is virtually unlimited, depending on the needs of the community.

As it works to improve the community's economy and quality of life, the Chamber keeps these broad objectives in mind:

  • To help business grow and prosper.
  • To increase job opportunities.
  • To encourage an orderly expansion and development of all segments of the community.
  • To contribute to the overall economic stability of the community.
  • To encourage and promote the private enterprise system.


Salina Area Technical College will meet employment needs of the region by providing a diverse community of learners with the technical and general education skills necessary for employment, personal growth and lifelong learning.
Be the college of choice for the region where students are equipped to succeed in the dynamic world of business and industry.
Collaboration: To build a stronger community, SATC values partnerships with K-12, business, and community organizations. Together, we can achieve more.
Lifelong Learning: SATC values supporting individual goals that encourage students to learn, grow, collaborate, and innovate throughout their life.
Diversity: SATC embraces the diversity of our students, employees and community by promoting inclusion and access for all.
Excellence: SATC values its students and is committed to providing an education that encourages responsible, successful, and ethical employees.
Innovation: SATC values innovative technology and delivery methods to keep student learning relevant within a rapidly changing world.
Strategic Priorities
  1. HLC accreditation by FY 15
  2. Fiscal strength
  3. Provide quality instruction that meets community needs
  4. Strengthen processes and services
  5. 20% enrollment growth
  6. Improve visibility and perception