Summer Camp

Summer and winter breaks are excellent opportunities for students to develop character, confidence, and English skills. AAIG provides students with a platform to develop all three through our summer and winter camps. We cooperate with American schools to enhance traditional summer language classes by supplementing them with a variety of extra curricular activities. Lessons will cover American history and culture, while helping students improve their English language skills at the same time.

Outside class time, students will go on excursions to visit local families and unique scenic locations, where they will participate in interactive activities. Our camps run from 2-6 weeks on and are designed for middle school and high. You may choose from one of our listed Summer/Winter theme camps, or you can customize your own camp by submitting a request and choosing your own dates, locations, and lesson content. We warmly welcome parents as well to join in and create lifelong memories with AAIG!

Camps Overview:
The summer/winter camp offers an eye-opening incredible 14 to 20 days all American experience for the students. Students are arranged to stay with American host family to experience American culture.

School Time:  
Students attend at local Christian School for English class in the mornings. The English teachers are experienced teacher. The English lessons cover lively conversations and American culture. Students are engaged in class discussions and encouraged to lead conversations.
During the afternoons, students are exposed to various educational and recreational tours.

Weekend Family Time:
Students enjoy family time with their American host family at the weekend. Students might attend a family party, go to the beach or a theme park, attend a sport game, or do more shopping etc.

Feedback from Students:
Students find our summer camp fun, educational, welcoming, and unforgettable.  It is a life time memory for them.  Many of our summer camp students indicate the summer camp experiences have sparkled their interest in attending American high school and university in future.

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